Future Hangs in the balance as bosses battle over money

Channel 5 is said to been keen to keep the show on air, but only at a much lower cost.
“We all know the show is never going to return to its heyday and everybody is fine with that,” a source said this week “It doesn’t matter so long as there’s still some people who do still watch it.”
An insider told the Daily Star newspaper that Channel 5 want the show cheaper following record low ratings for the latest series.

The source explained: “It brings in viewers, but it’s not a cheap show to make, especially as many of the shows on Channel 5 bring in similar audiences for a fraction of the cost.
“When BB is on there’s 600/700 crew who work on this behind the scenes, transmitting each day, filming 24/7, maintaining the house etc.”

They added: “It costs a lot of time and money but I’m sure we’ll sort something out.”

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